Most insurance plans provide comprehensive coverage for your health while  your dental, vision, and hearing concerns are often underserved. Many Americans can’t afford the high cost for specialized care by dentists, optometrists and audiologists. The right dental, vision and hearing insurance plan will help decrease or completely eliminate these costs.


According to the American Heart Association, “Professional dental cleanings may reduce the risk of heart attacks and stroke.” Medical researchers found those that had professional dental cleanings at least twice a year, for two years, had a drastically lower risk of heart attack and a much lower risk of stroke compared to those having just occasional dental cleanings.

Having teeth professionally cleaned appears to offer protection against heart disease and stoke by reducing the growth of bacteria that causes inflammation. Regular brushing and flossing goes a long way to help control plaque, the film of bacteria and food debris that covers your teeth. However, no matter how well you clean your teeth, traces of plaque left behind will harden into calculus. Once calculus has built-up above and below the gum line, it can only be removed by a professional cleaning.

Without in-office cleaning, calculus deposits inflame  your gums, deepen your gum pockets and cause infection.  Untreated, gum disease damages the tissues that hold your teeth in place and you can eventually lose your teeth.


But that’s just part of the story. Previous studies link oral bacteria entering the bloodstream to the increased risk of diabetics, osteoporosis, respiratory infections, digestive disorders, low pre-term birth rates and pancreatic cancer.

It’s easy to see that you can’t be totally healthy without healthy gums! Professional cleaning not only brightens your smile, but can boost your health and increase your life-expectancy.


There’s no need to go unprotected. Our completely FREE service will help you find the most affordable dental insurance with a vision and hearing benefits policy that will fit your budget. And best of all, the entire process can be completed in less than 5 minutes. We will be happy to answer all your questions and help you find the best plan for your needs and budget.

Our dental insurance plans offer a wide variety of affordable coverage options that include annual examinations and twice-yearly cleanings, x-rays, fillings, prophylaxis, bridges, crowns, dentures and outpatient dental surgery. Our affordable dental insurance plans allow you to visit the dentist of your choice while offering additional coverage like vision and hearing insurance benefits. Dental health is important for people of all ages.


Your vision is an indicator of your overall health. Poor vision can be a sign of diabetes, hypertension and even high cholesterol. If you have vision problems, you need to get this checked and corrected and will need to update your prescription on a regular basis. Our dental insurance, vision and hearing benefits plan will help by providing coverage for contacts, frames and any kind of lenses that are prescribed for you.


Hearing impairment affects a vast number of people, not just seniors. The costs associated with treating hearing loss can be staggering for people of any age. Hearing loss can be devastating and requires immediate intervention. Our dental insurance, vision and hearing plan includes services like hearing examinations performed by a physician or audiologist, including the cost of the hearing aid and any necessary repairs.

Our  guaranteed issue dental insurance, vision and hearing benefits plans provide a range of options with the utmost flexibility for adults of all ages, whether you’re 18 or 80.

Plan Highlights:

  • See any dentist
  • Easy claims process
  • 10% family discount
  • 60% of expenses covered in the first year, increasing to 80% coverage by year 3
  • Monthly premiums as low as $23 up to $32 for all ages 18-84

Call now or complete the online form to get a free, no obligation dental insurance with vision and hearing benefits quote.

Dental insurance with vision and hearing benefits is easy to get through our website. Get started with a great policy today by calling us toll free at 1(888) 649-2016 or complete our form and receive a quick and easy quote!

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